EPS Hovercraft 2.2 & EPS M10 Cargo Carrier

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EPS M10 Cargo Carrier Hovercraft

The EPS MIO Hovercraft is a 20 meter, fully amphibious, com­ posite vessel that traverses over terrain that no conventional vessels or patrol craft can access.

Typical Operators:

Coast Guards

Humanitarian agencies (Red-Cross, Red-Crescent)

Rapid Deployment Forces

Navies, Marines

Typical Missions:

Landing operations

Field ambulance, mobile hospital

Disaster Relief (floods, earth-quakes)

landing of vehicles

logistic supply

observation of coastline

anti-piracy operations

border protection

Command and Control ...

This high-speed craft can be configured to suit almost any requirement or mission. With a top speed of 50 knots, an operational envelope to the maxi­ mum of Sea State 4 and an 10 tonne disposable load capability, the EPS M10 can be configured to carry combat troops, logistic supply cargo or even light vehicles.

The advanced non-corro­ sive composite of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) construction uses glass, Kevlar and carbon fibers to give a strong and robust structure. The results are a lightweight vessel with minimal maintenance and servicing, thus insuring prolonged vessel life.

This is in contrast to the corrosion and fatigue prone con­ ventional aluminum materials used in the past. In operational scenarios such as over-the-horizon landings in shallow waters, inter-coastal patrol duties, marshland access or compromised marine borders, the EPS MIO Hovercraft provides mobility and rescue opportunities to military and peacekeeping forces globally. With its blue-water design and fully amphibious abilities, the EPS MIO Hovercraft's potential theater of operations is limitless.

In the NEWS

The Hovercraft ''Alwajh' the first American-built advanced composite EPS MIO hovercraft of its size and caliber was delivered in late 2010 to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior Border Guard. The second of two EPS MlO Hovercrafts was delivered and subsequently commissioned by the Border Guard on 8 October 2011 as ''Sanafer:' these vessels will service the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Border Guard's Eastern Region.


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